The Best News: The Rugrat is Employed!

In May, my son graduated from college.  I could not have been more proud – and more relieved – that he completed his degree and is now a pilot with a Big 10 education to pave his path from here forward.  This means he’s free to start adulting, and I’m finally off the hook for rent and new tuition loans.

Before he can become employed as a pilot for a commercial airline, he needs to log about 1,000 hours of flight time.  Currently, he has about 250.  That’s quite a deficit.  His plan to complete the rest of his hours was to obtain his certified flight instructor license and teach other pilots to fly.

In order to get that license, he himself must complete classes and flight time.  So, after graduation, he returned home while he completed the requirements and prepared for the grueling exam.

This, of course, costs money.  He offered to take out loans to pay for it, but I told him I’d cover it so he wouldn’t incur any more debt.

It’s the end of July now, and he hasn’t been able to get the flight time completed.

In the meantime, I suggested (strongly) that he pick up a part-time job.  He fought it a bit, but then reluctantly applied at Kohl’s.  He was hired right away, but unfortunately, for some unknown reason, Kohl’s took unusually long to get his orientation scheduled – over 3 weeks!

Which means he hasn’t been working.  Which means my budget is jacked because I didn’t expect to be covering his expenses this summer.

Last week, things were finally looking up.  He was able to get some flight time, plus his Kohl’s orientation was to begin on Friday.

Then, a miracle happened.  HE GOT A JOB – a FLYING job!  With an aerial surveying company.  So he’ll be able to build hours like crazy and get paid for it!  And the best part is he’ll be travelling for a few weeks at a time, and they will cover his food and lodging while he’s on the road.  YAYAYAYAY!!!!!

The timing could not have been better.  He hadn’t started the job at Kohl’s yet.  He hadn’t sunk much money into flight time for the instructor certification.  And he hadn’t signed a lease for an apartment somewhere that he won’t see 3/4 of the month.  Praise Jesus.

He’s so cute because he’s been keeping a tally of all the money he “owes” me, vowing to pay me back next on the list after his student loan payment.  I already know that if he does give me money I’ll take it, and then I’ll turn around and send it into his student loan servicer without telling him.  It’s only a few hundred dollars, but it’ll make him happy to “pay me back” and it’ll make me happy not to actually take money from my kid.

Shall we do a happy dance???

Happy Dance

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