Thankful? You bet! Here’s the Top 10


I’ve been feeling excessively bitchy today.  There’s no reason to be, I just woke up that way.  Some days are like that.

Despite my foul mood, I am grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving.  Here’s the run down:

  1. My health.  Although two of my levels on my health evaluation came back a little high this year (and no, I haven’t had a consult yet to understand what that means) and I’m still on the struggle bus with weight, I am overall healthy.
  2. My children and their health.  My kids are doing great.  They are both now college graduates.  Both are employed, both are in loving relationships.  That’s all a mother ever wants.
  3. My second divorce was finalized.  As painful as that entire process was, I now have the most amazing boyfriend, and we are building a wonderful life together.  His children are healthy and happy and adjusting well to all of the changes they’ve been through the last few years.
  4. I have a great job and a (not as great) part-time job.
  5. I have the best family who are still healthy, and this year provided opportunities to spend time together and my son to get to know them again.
  6. I have wonderful friends that I’ve made over the years and many new, fun, amazing friends who help expand my horizons every day.
  7. My siding blew off my house and I was able to get all new siding for free!
  8. My two paid-for cars are still hanging in there (knock on wood).
  9. There were many adventures over the last year, opportunities to experience new places and unusual events.  This is definitely where my heart lies and my happiness comes from, and I’m so fortunate to have found someone who shares this love.
  10. I have finally gotten real traction with paying off debt this year.

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