Take Kohl’s Savings to the Next Level – Additional 15%!

In addition to my full-time job as a programmer, I work at Kohl’s part-time.  It’s a love/hate relationship.  Let’s face it, no one wants to work 20 extra hours a week during nights and weekends, especially for much less than my time is worth.  However, it does allow me to cover my son’s rent at college, and after his last rent payment is made later this month (woot woot!), it will allow me to throw that $500 of extra income at my Parent Plus loans. #beastmode

Aside from that obvious benefit, another thing I love about working at Kohl’s is the friends I’ve made over the years.  There are basically three kinds of people who work at my store:  career workers (who are mostly managers), students, and people like me who need the second income.  I have no idea why anyone would choose to work at a place like Kohl’s as their main gig – it’s way too much hard work for little pay or satisfaction.  However, the students and extra-job people definitely appreciate the flexibility of the schedule.  My store is excellent about honoring my availability and really seems to be careful about not scheduling us too many days in a row.

Another fantastic thing about my part-time job is the employee discounts we get.  Everyone knows that Kohl’s is known for great deals.  There are lots of websites out there touting the various methods for stacking coupons and accumulating Kohl’s Cash to maximize savings.  In addition to the discounts that John Q. Public can take advantage of, Kohl’s employees receive 15% on anything in the store, including items normally excluded from discounts, such as Nike and premium electronics.  About 6 times a year, Kohl’s hosts their Friends and Family event, which is 20% off for everyone.  When this is happening, Kohl’s employees can stack the FAF 20%, plus we get an additional associate discount of 20%, along with our normal 15%.

Even better than that, there are two times a year when the associate discount increases to 35%.  This awesome discount is usually in conjunction with the Lowest Prices of the Season event, which is absolutely the best time to shop.  Sometimes these prices are even better than clearance prices!

I recently discovered an even better way to take advantage of these discounts – Ebates!

Ebates normally offers anywhere from 3-6% cash back on Kohl’s.com purchases.  How much of a savings is this?  Consider the following example for an Apple Watch:

$369.00 – Item price (unfortunately almost never on sale)
$ 129.15 – Associate discount of (35%)
$239.85 – Total*
$   14.39 – Ebates cash back
$225.46 – Cost after Ebates cash back
$ 40.00 – Don’t forget the Kohl’s Cash!
$185.46 – After Kohl’s Cash
$ 10.00 – You’re a member of Yes 2 You Rewards, right???
$175.46 – Grand total – that’s a savings of about 52%!

*Don’t forget you can also use Kohl’s Cash on purchases like the example above.

Kohl’s even offers what we call BOPUS – Buy Online, Pick Up in Store.  You can shop from the comfort of your home, save all this money, and then pick up your items at your local Kohl’s store in about an hour.  Use the link below to give BOPUS a try!

Buy Online, Pick Up in Store. Order by 5Pm Local Time for Items Available in Your Selected Store Pickup Location and Receive It the Same Day with No Shipping Charges!

Pro-tip:  Be sure to download the Ebates button and Ebates will tell you if there is an offer anytime you are shopping online.  It’s also handy for checking your cash back totals.

GUESS WHAT I just saw!  This week Ebates is offering 15% cash back at Kohls.com!!!  Go shopping, y’all!


And in case you haven’t seen this yet, be sure to check out this awesome video one of our customers made with Snapchat filters.  It’s had us ROTFLMAO for months!

Amanda Bell’s Hilarious Kohl’s Video


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