MWI Week 4 – #StruggleBus

Week 4 was a terrible week.  I contracted just enough of a cold that I barely went through the motions…in fact, I even called off on Wednesday, which was my first complete day off since mid-January.  Consequently, I didn’t exercise or eat right all week, and since then I’ve been dealing with strong cravings for … Read more

MWI Week 3 – Down 4!


This was a much better week!  I’m down 4 lbs for a grand total of 11 so far.  I seriously considered reporting a Sunday weigh in instead of a Monday weigh in because I was actually down another 1.5 for a total of 12.5, however temptation won out last night and we went to my … Read more

MWI Week 2 – Oops


The scale was not my friend this week.  Tuesday, I had lost another half a pound, but by Friday I was on the rise, ending up +1 for the week.  Still 7 down from when I started. Of course, this makes my analytical mind tear apart everything I ingested the last 4 days.  Predictably, I … Read more

MWI Week 1 – Down 8 Pounds!


Last Monday was my first day back on the weight-loss wagon.  It was a hell of a week due to work and Valentines Day, but I’m happy to report that I’m down 8 pounds – yay! The bad news is that those 8 pounds are pretty much just holiday baggage, but hey, I’ll take it. … Read more

The Rock Bottom Blues

Rock Bottom Blues

After following the Expert’s Guide to Living Outside Your Means, I felt like I had failed in every aspect of my life.  My finances were in ruin, I was a little overweight obese, I hadn’t thought for myself in more than 20 years.  I didn’t know who to trust so I had no support network.  … Read more

Defining “My Act” ~

The Elements of My Act

In my last post I talked about getting “My Act” together.  “My Act” – otherwise known as “the shit I need to get together” – consists of the following elements that I intend to improve upon: My finances My weight My house My career My hobbies My attitude Next is a brief synopsis of what I … Read more

My Tiara ~

My Tiara
My Tiara
Tainted or not, it’s still a tiara

I was born with a tiara because I was destined to be a princess. It was a fact of my life that I was conscious of ever since I was able to be conscious. Nobody ever told me that or treated me like a princess as a kid. It was just something I intrinsically knew. And I’m not talking about that Disney princess bullshit. No way. I meant a real-life princess. It didn’t matter that I was born into a middle-class farmer’s family. I figured my dull and tedious childhood would just add dimension to my biography when it was written about my rise to princesshood.Tainted or not, it's still a tiara Click To Tweet

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