Dave Ramsey vs. Mr. Money Mustache


Since I’ve started adulting (which was last week) and educating myself about personal finance, I have settled mainly on two schools of thought that are shaping my financial destiny.  They are very different (actually, not at all alike), however I find them both informational and entertaining.  The first site I found by Googling “how to … Read more

Changing 1 Word Can Change Your Life

Frown Upside Down

Eliminating one phrase from your vocabulary can change your life.  Don’t believe me? Try a little experiment with me.  Every time you start to say “I have to…,” try saying “I get to….” “I have to go to work.”  vs. “I get to go to work.” Notice the difference?  Using the phrase “I have to…” … Read more

MWI Week 1 – Down 8 Pounds!


Last Monday was my first day back on the weight-loss wagon.  It was a hell of a week due to work and Valentines Day, but I’m happy to report that I’m down 8 pounds – yay! The bad news is that those 8 pounds are pretty much just holiday baggage, but hey, I’ll take it. … Read more

Why Mom Did Christmas Better Than Me

Christmas Tree

I used to love Christmas.  When I was a kid, it was a glorious time of decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping and family.  There was always a bowl of nuts that needed cracking and tinsel that needed hanging.  Since my siblings were all grown and gone I was Mom’s number one elf, and I relished the … Read more

Step 3: Take Action!

Step 3: Action!

As you know, in step 1 I acknowledged that I have some shit to deal with.  In step 2, I began to educate myself by researching the options for dealing with my financial mess.  In step 3, I’m going to start putting a plan into action. I have a mountain of debt.  I’m still building … Read more

My Tiara ~

My Tiara
My Tiara
Tainted or not, it’s still a tiara

I was born with a tiara because I was destined to be a princess. It was a fact of my life that I was conscious of ever since I was able to be conscious. Nobody ever told me that or treated me like a princess as a kid. It was just something I intrinsically knew. And I’m not talking about that Disney princess bullshit. No way. I meant a real-life princess. It didn’t matter that I was born into a middle-class farmer’s family. I figured my dull and tedious childhood would just add dimension to my biography when it was written about my rise to princesshood.Tainted or not, it's still a tiara Click To Tweet

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