7 Stupid Things I Used to Say About Money

I Can't Believe I Said That

Wow, has my mentality about money changed over the last few years.  Here are 7 gems that I used to say all the time that make me cringe: “Don’t worry about it; I charged it” “Whatever it is I bought as a favor for you, you don’t have to be in a hurry to pay … Read more

Sinking Funds and Christmas Freak Outs

Sinking Funds

I tend to have freak outs often throughout the year.  They are usually triggered by company coming over, which is usually related to a birthday or holiday.  Whenever someone asks me “What’s wrong?  Why are you acting like a psycho bitch?” the answer is always one or more of the following:  the house isn’t ____________ (clean/big/nice) … Read more

Step 3: Take Action!

Step 3: Action!

As you know, in step 1 I acknowledged that I have some shit to deal with.  In step 2, I began to educate myself by researching the options for dealing with my financial mess.  In step 3, I’m going to start putting a plan into action. I have a mountain of debt.  I’m still building … Read more

Step 2: Educate – Debt Payoff Techniques

Percent vs. Debt

Once you realize that you have a problem and you’ve figured out what it is (or multiple problems, if applicable), next begins the often daunting process of educating yourself on the options for fixing your shit. My most pressing problem was debt.  It was monstrous, and it was going to continue to grow for awhile.  I had … Read more

An Expert’s Guide to Living Outside Your Means

Quick Tips to Live Outside Your Means

I grew up in a family that didn’t talk about money at all.  My parents didn’t use credit cards.  I didn’t know anyone who used credit cards.  The extent of my knowledge about my parents’ finances consisted of: They had no mortgage because the house was my grandmother’s My dad paid taxes on the property … Read more

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