Entitlement in Marriage

Riddle me this: Two people are married for a long time.  One spouse works hard supporting the household, providing a nice home in a safe neighborhood, saving and investing and building their combined net worth. The other spouse chooses not to work or works at a low-paying, part-time job. In the beginning, there may have … Read more

August Debt Reduction Progress: $2,481.59

August Debt Reduction

Due to the unexpected 180-degree turn my life took a couple of months ago, I have not yet implemented my debt reduction plan to pay off $305,000 of in just 2 years.  However, even though my life got flipped, turned upside-down (you know you just sang that as you read it), I have managed to … Read more

MWI Week 4 – #StruggleBus

Week 4 was a terrible week.  I contracted just enough of a cold that I barely went through the motions…in fact, I even called off on Wednesday, which was my first complete day off since mid-January.  Consequently, I didn’t exercise or eat right all week, and since then I’ve been dealing with strong cravings for … Read more

MWI Week 2 – Oops


The scale was not my friend this week.  Tuesday, I had lost another half a pound, but by Friday I was on the rise, ending up +1 for the week.  Still 7 down from when I started. Of course, this makes my analytical mind tear apart everything I ingested the last 4 days.  Predictably, I … Read more

Dave Ramsey vs. Mr. Money Mustache


Since I’ve started adulting (which was last week) and educating myself about personal finance, I have settled mainly on two schools of thought that are shaping my financial destiny.  They are very different (actually, not at all alike), however I find them both informational and entertaining.  The first site I found by Googling “how to … Read more

Changing 1 Word Can Change Your Life

Frown Upside Down

Eliminating one phrase from your vocabulary can change your life.  Don’t believe me? Try a little experiment with me.  Every time you start to say “I have to…,” try saying “I get to….” “I have to go to work.”  vs. “I get to go to work.” Notice the difference?  Using the phrase “I have to…” … Read more

MWI Week 1 – Down 8 Pounds!


Last Monday was my first day back on the weight-loss wagon.  It was a hell of a week due to work and Valentines Day, but I’m happy to report that I’m down 8 pounds – yay! The bad news is that those 8 pounds are pretty much just holiday baggage, but hey, I’ll take it. … Read more

10 Tips to Avoid Fitting Room Homicide

Fitting Room Homicide

Today I worked my “Dave job” and I thought I was going to kill people.  My part-time job is in retail, at a non-grocery-selling “big box” store.  My special purpose today was to maintain the fitting rooms.  We have 5 fitting rooms, 2 in the Misses department, 1 in Juniors, and 2 in Mens.  I … Read more

7 Stupid Things I Used to Say About Money

I Can't Believe I Said That

Wow, has my mentality about money changed over the last few years.  Here are 7 gems that I used to say all the time that make me cringe: “Don’t worry about it; I charged it” “Whatever it is I bought as a favor for you, you don’t have to be in a hurry to pay … Read more

Sinking Funds and Christmas Freak Outs

Sinking Funds

I tend to have freak outs often throughout the year.  They are usually triggered by company coming over, which is usually related to a birthday or holiday.  Whenever someone asks me “What’s wrong?  Why are you acting like a psycho bitch?” the answer is always one or more of the following:  the house isn’t ____________ (clean/big/nice) … Read more

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