All The Things I Wanted To Do When I Started Working Less

I originally wrote this post on August 30th, shortly after I’d decided to cut back my hours at my part-time job from about 25 hours a week to no more than 12.  Here’s an update on how I’m doing on my to-do list: Visit my parents. I’m not sure I visited them more or as much … [Read more…]

Net Worth Update September 2017: Up $8,597.31

Well, well, well, what a difference a month makes!  After the slight hiccup of negative net worth for the month of August, September ended up a shit ton better! Here are the numbers broken down: Assets increase:   $2,513.44 Debt decrease:    $6,083.87 Net increase:       $8,597.31 My debt reduction was way better than … [Read more…]

September Debt Reduction Progress: $3,935.83

September Debt Reduction

Did you guys see the new total of Parent PLUS #1?!?!?! Parent PLUS debt down: $7,146.71 Mortgage lowered:  -$3,210.88 Overall debt reduction:  $3,935.83 I feel soooo much better this month than last month!  There were some changes to my financial situation that have made an immediate impact as well as a long term impact. September … [Read more…]

August Debt Reduction Progress: $1,629.11

Debt Reduction August 2017

Debt reduction in August was on track, nothing remarkable.  It was a month of just holding on for dear life, so I’m content with any amount of progress. Parent PLUS debt down: $809.47 Mortgage lowered:  $819.64 Overall debt reduction:  $1,629.11 The highlight of the month is that Parent PLUS loan #4 has finally dropped into … [Read more…]

There’s Something I Need…

What Do I Need?

So, my damaged man is mostly back to normal, proclaiming his love for me, happily ever after, all that bullshit. Apparently, he’s taken his proverbial meds and pulled out his tattered copy of “How to be a Good Boyfriend” and said everything he needed to say…almost. He doesn’t want to live with me.  Actually, let … [Read more…]

The Best News: The Rugrat is Employed!

In May, my son graduated from college.  I could not have been more proud – and more relieved – that he completed his degree and is now a pilot with a Big 10 education to pave his path from here forward.  This means he’s free to start adulting, and I’m finally off the hook for … [Read more…]