All The Things I Wanted To Do When I Started Working Less

I originally wrote this post on August 30th, shortly after I’d decided to cut back my hours at my part-time job from about 25 hours a week to no more than 12.  Here’s an update on how I’m doing on my to-do list: Visit my parents. I’m not sure I visited them more or as much … [Read more…]

Net Worth Update September 2017: Up $8,597.31

Well, well, well, what a difference a month makes!  After the slight hiccup of negative net worth for the month of August, September ended up a shit ton better! Here are the numbers broken down: Assets increase:   $2,513.44 Debt decrease:    $6,083.87 Net increase:       $8,597.31 My debt reduction was way better than … [Read more…]

September Debt Reduction Progress: $3,935.83

September Debt Reduction

Did you guys see the new total of Parent PLUS #1?!?!?! Parent PLUS debt down: $7,146.71 Mortgage lowered:  -$3,210.88 Overall debt reduction:  $3,935.83 I feel soooo much better this month than last month!  There were some changes to my financial situation that have made an immediate impact as well as a long term impact. September … [Read more…]

August Debt Reduction Progress: $1,629.11

Debt Reduction August 2017

Debt reduction in August was on track, nothing remarkable.  It was a month of just holding on for dear life, so I’m content with any amount of progress. Parent PLUS debt down: $809.47 Mortgage lowered:  $819.64 Overall debt reduction:  $1,629.11 The highlight of the month is that Parent PLUS loan #4 has finally dropped into … [Read more…]