Thankful? You bet! Here’s the Top 10


I’ve been feeling excessively bitchy today.  There’s no reason to be, I just woke up that way.  Some days are like that. Despite my foul mood, I am grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving.  Here’s the run down: My health.  Although two of my levels on my health evaluation came back a little high … [Read more…]

All The Things I Can’t Wait To Do When I Start Working Less

Starting next week, my schedule at my part-time retail job will be greatly reduced from about 26 hours a week to 12. I. can’t. wait. I literally have not seen my home for the past 3 weeks except to sleep.  I have sooooo many things I want to do with all this time I’ll have. … [Read more…]

There’s Something I Need…

What Do I Need?

So, my damaged man is mostly back to normal, proclaiming his love for me, happily ever after, all that bullshit. Apparently, he’s taken his proverbial meds and pulled out his tattered copy of “How to be a Good Boyfriend” and said everything he needed to say…almost. He doesn’t want to live with me.  Actually, let … [Read more…]