Better Today

Tainted Tiara

Last night, the breakdown that I wrote about earlier in the day continued.  My boyfriend was coming over for dinner with his kids.  It was the first time the kids and I had seen each other since their father suddenly moved them out.  I was not looking forward to it.  My mood was so foul … [Read more…]

There’s Something I Need…

What Do I Need?

So, my damaged man is mostly back to normal, proclaiming his love for me, happily ever after, all that bullshit. Apparently, he’s taken his proverbial meds and pulled out his tattered copy of “How to be a Good Boyfriend” and said everything he needed to say…almost. He doesn’t want to live with me.  Actually, let … [Read more…]

The Best News: The Rugrat is Employed!

In May, my son graduated from college.  I could not have been more proud – and more relieved – that he completed his degree and is now a pilot with a Big 10 education to pave his path from here forward.  This means he’s free to start adulting, and I’m finally off the hook for … [Read more…]