August Debt Reduction Progress: $1,629.11

Debt reduction in August was on track, nothing remarkable.  It was a month of just holding on for dear life, so I’m content with any amount of progress.

Debt Reduction August 2017

Parent PLUS debt down: $809.47
Mortgage lowered:  $819.64
Overall debt reduction:  $1,629.11

The highlight of the month is that Parent PLUS loan #4 has finally dropped into the $16k’s!

The mountain is feeling insurmountable again.  I look at the numbers and a wave of panic washes over me that I will never reach my goals to be debt free.  I’m not understanding why my mindset has changed so much lately.  My motivation to work as much as possible is gone.  I feel like my plans have gone stagnant and I’m slipping into an abyss of hopelessness.


I have a plan mapped out.

I’m following the plan.

I have mechanisms in place to jump start my progress.

I’m working on a refinance of my mortgage which will free up my monthly cash flow a bit.

Another change I have avoided making that I really need to is to establish sinking funds for auto and home repairs.  I have always had sort of a large emergency fund that I use for these items, however it’s been depleted a great deal this summer, and I feel like I need to earmark what’s left of it for these items and begin adding to it as part of my sinking fund every month.

This budgeting thing is hard.

life is pain

I’m taking a step back from my part-time job to enjoy life a little more and recharge for the busy holiday retail season.  Or maybe I’ll find a new part-time job that I actually like.

Just breathe.

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