All The Things I Wanted To Do When I Started Working Less

I originally wrote this post on August 30th, shortly after I’d decided to cut back my hours at my part-time job from about 25 hours a week to no more than 12.  Here’s an update on how I’m doing on my to-do list:

  • Visit my parents. I’m not sure I visited them more or as much as I’d liked, but I did visit them when I could.  They left for Florida today, so now I won’t see them until at least April.
  • Paint my trim. I managed to get one coat on the back patio posts.  I’m not sure that I love the color, so I’ve tabled that project for now.
  • Read books. I read one book, but returned the other two to the library.
  • Clean my house. We’re actually doing a pretty good job at keeping the house clean, with the exception of the bathrooms – my least favorite task.
  • Exercise! Fail.
  • See my friends. For about 2 weeks, I spent a great deal of time with my friends again.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, but then I approached burnout.  However, I’m really enjoying the extra time with my boyfriend, and I think it’s improved our relationship exponentially.
  • Take care of my lawn. I’m in need of a raking and one more mow before I’m done for the winter.  I didn’t get any new landscaping done…seems a little pointless with winter on the horizon.
  • Clean out my basement. Fail.  However, I did finally remove my ex-husband’s belongings from my garage, so with just a bit more organizing I’ll be able to get at least one car in there this winter.  A huge psychological weight lifted, and may also be contributing to the betterment of my relationship with my boyfriend.
  • Clean out my car. Fail.
  • Art! Fail.
  • Pick up Shifts.  Fail, but I’m not one bit sad about it!

I don’t miss working all of those hours at all.  In fact, I honestly can’t explain how I managed to do it for almost 3 years.  And, I must admit, I feel somewhat guilty because my working so much was a major issue between my second husband and me.  However, in my defense, he wasn’t working steadily and didn’t contribute financially, so I felt driven to earn as much as possible.

Thankfully, my current boyfriend is gainfully employed and contributes by paying rent and paying for most of our food.  I realize that until my debt is eliminated I should still be working as much as possible, but I just don’t have it in me right now.  Reducing my hours was a good decision.

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