Willpower is Elusive

Snack Obsessed

I get bored at work because I sit at a desk all day.  My mind wanders and eventually finds it’s way into the 7-Eleven “cafe” we have here at work.  Everything there is overpriced and unhealthy.  My mind browses the shelves until it’s triggered by a snack…and then I fixate on that snack until I make … Read more

The Numbers Game: This is what it’s all about

Chart of my Net Worth

My entire life, I was focused on one thing that I thought would make me “successful”:  My credit score.  I believed that having excellent credit was the #1 financial goal I should strive for.  I thought that everything else was fair game if I could keep my credit score high.  Houses?  Cars?  RVs?  Absolutely!  As … Read more

The PLUS Loan 120-Day Rule

PLUS 120-Day Rule

A few months ago, I was super excited to learn that extra payments to my PLUS loan made within 120 days of disbursement were treated like a “return” and would be removed from the original principal amount with no interest, as if it was never borrowed.  When I heard this, my mission in life became paying as … Read more

No Wonder I’m So Tired!

Tired Me

In the past 18 days, I have worked at my extra job 14 days.  I have only had 4 days off from that job, none of them consecutively.  I have not had a day completely off from both jobs since January 17th, with the exception of one day when I called in sick from my … Read more

MWI Week 4 – #StruggleBus

Week 4 was a terrible week.  I contracted just enough of a cold that I barely went through the motions…in fact, I even called off on Wednesday, which was my first complete day off since mid-January.  Consequently, I didn’t exercise or eat right all week, and since then I’ve been dealing with strong cravings for … Read more

February Spending

I literally just this moment decided to post a February spend report.  Why?  Why not! I love the first of the month because it’s the day I get to pat myself on the back for last month’s spending and create a new budget for this month.  I use Mint.com (FREE!), which won’t let me pre-populate budgets.  It’s … Read more

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