Turkey Day: No Longer a Crazy Bitch

Happy Thanksgiving

With the exception of the year we went to Memphis and ate Thanksgiving dinner at Pizza Hut, this is how I used to celebrate Thanksgiving: I’d invite 20 of my in-laws over I’d clean for days like it was my job I’d cook a huge ass turkey and everything that goes with it I’d cook … Read more

Step 3: Take Action!

Step 3: Action!

As you know, in step 1 I acknowledged that I have some shit to deal with.  In step 2, I began to educate myself by researching the options for dealing with my financial mess.  In step 3, I’m going to start putting a plan into action. I have a mountain of debt.  I’m still building … Read more

3 Unique Treats for Holiday Giving!


I once read that setting goals and breaking them down into manageable steps was critical to success, and here’s why:  because those smaller steps seem achievable and are easier to focus on.  When you start focusing on something, you become subconsciously receptive to opportunities that you might not have been open to otherwise.  It’s as if you … Read more

Step 2: Educate – Debt Payoff Techniques

Percent vs. Debt

Once you realize that you have a problem and you’ve figured out what it is (or multiple problems, if applicable), next begins the often daunting process of educating yourself on the options for fixing your shit. My most pressing problem was debt.  It was monstrous, and it was going to continue to grow for awhile.  I had … Read more

A 3-Step Process to Solving Problems

Step 1: Assess the Situation

After hitting the Rock Bottom Blues, I was excited about the opportunity to tackle the problems I knew I had (mostly concerning my finances), but I was also completely overwhelmed by the how.  I needed a plan, and quick!  Where would I start?  I decided to implement a simple 3-step process, which I have turned … Read more

The Rock Bottom Blues

Rock Bottom Blues

After following the Expert’s Guide to Living Outside Your Means, I felt like I had failed in every aspect of my life.  My finances were in ruin, I was a little overweight obese, I hadn’t thought for myself in more than 20 years.  I didn’t know who to trust so I had no support network.  … Read more

An Expert’s Guide to Living Outside Your Means

Quick Tips to Live Outside Your Means

I grew up in a family that didn’t talk about money at all.  My parents didn’t use credit cards.  I didn’t know anyone who used credit cards.  The extent of my knowledge about my parents’ finances consisted of: They had no mortgage because the house was my grandmother’s My dad paid taxes on the property … Read more

Defining “My Act” ~

The Elements of My Act

In my last post I talked about getting “My Act” together.  “My Act” – otherwise known as “the shit I need to get together” – consists of the following elements that I intend to improve upon: My finances My weight My house My career My hobbies My attitude Next is a brief synopsis of what I … Read more

My Tiara ~

My Tiara
My Tiara
Tainted or not, it’s still a tiara

I was born with a tiara because I was destined to be a princess. It was a fact of my life that I was conscious of ever since I was able to be conscious. Nobody ever told me that or treated me like a princess as a kid. It was just something I intrinsically knew. And I’m not talking about that Disney princess bullshit. No way. I meant a real-life princess. It didn’t matter that I was born into a middle-class farmer’s family. I figured my dull and tedious childhood would just add dimension to my biography when it was written about my rise to princesshood.Tainted or not, it's still a tiara Click To Tweet

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